Sunsella Vegetable Steamer and Joseph Joseph 40023 Lotus Plus Folding Non-Scratch Steamer Basket

Sunsella Vegetable Steamer The Sunsella factory is a great choice for those who need reliable and easy-to-use machines. This is a stainless steel model that is easy to clean and has holes in its entire surface. When fully deployed, its diameter is 9 inches, while the smallest size is only 5 inches.
The model does not require any type of assembly. It has a center point, feet hanging it in the pot. It fits most pan sizes and offers very little storage space when folded.

Joseph Joseph 40023 Lotus Plus Folding Non-Scratch Steamer BasketJoseph Joseph Lotus Folding Steamer is a great product to come with a gentle price tag. This is a simple folding basket made of heat-resistant plastic material. BPA-free means no food contamination, easy to stack and store, and does not take up too much space.
For uniform steaming of the vegetables, pierce the entire surface. Its edges can be adjusted to fit most pots and have a minimum diameter of 6 inches. Cleaning is easy because the dishwasher can be saf…